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Water Safety: 5 Tips for Keeping Toddlers Safe Around the Pool

Water Safety: Keeping kids and Toddlers safe is a priority

Keeping kids safe is a priority when spending time by the pool. Toddlers tend to be interested in exploring their environment and a large body of water can present a real risk. While swimming lessons are a great idea, they are not a foolproof way to prevent drowning. Here are five tips from Zuber & Brioux Law Offices, a law firm in Ottawa, for keeping toddlers safe while spending time around the pool.

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Special Locks on the Doors

Getting into the backyard without an adult is one of the easiest ways for a child to run the risk of falling into a pool. Special locks are available for all doors in the house that will ensure that a child has no way to leave the house without an adult by his or her side.

Educate Everyone in the Home, Including Visitors

Everyone needs to understand the importance of protecting toddlers from the risk a pool creates. Individuals that aren’t accustomed to keeping doors closed or constantly keeping an eye on little kids need to understand that this is the most important thing when it comes to spending time at the house or outside with the pool.

image of a toddler being instructed in water safety by and instructor in the pool
Kids, Toddlers and Water Safety

Fence the Pool

One of the easiest ways to keep a toddler out of a pool is to erect a fence around the entire perimeter of the pool. When a child stumbles by the pool or catches of glimpse of the water, he or she will be prevented from getting too close and falling in.

Designate Adult Supervision

If a party is planned, make sure that at least one person is tasked with the responsibility of watching the pool. This means that he or she doesn’t eat, doesn’t chat with other people, and doesn’t take his or her eyes off the pool. This can be a taxing job and sometimes the responsibility of the task can rotate from one adult to another. Many families choose something like a whistle for the designated person to wear around his or her neck. This shows everyone that this person is on duty, keeping an eye on everyone in and near the pool.

Move Obstacles From Around the Pool Deck

Both adults and children can easily trip and fall into a pool if there are toys and other objects lying around. Keep the pool area picked up at all times. When children are done with toys, have them put the toys away as soon as possible. Move any pool furniture away from the edges of the pool deck.


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