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6 Tips to Help You Build the Best Pool Ever

6 Tips to Help You Build the Best Pool Ever

As elements, earth and water go well together. This is exactly why properties with swimming pools are such sights to behold. Here are some tips to help you create your best private oasis yet.

1. Entrust yourself to the right builder

Your pool’s outcome is pegged on the experience and integrity of your builder. Entrust your private billabong, as it were, to an experienced, scrupulous, licensed professional. Get yourself referred to one by friends and neighbours.

2. Get enough quotes

Get quotes from no less than three builders. When you have pared down your choices, visit a finished pool by your chosen contractor, and then talk to the owners about their experiences. Talk to construction suppliers too.

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3. Design wisely

Make the pool conform to your needs, not the other way around. Do you need a pool for exercise? Get a lap pool. Have a stunning view of the mountains or the sea? Get an infinity pool.

Have a spacious lot? Consider digging up a natural pool. Entertaining visitors frequently? An extra deck is a yes-yes. Whatever the case, finalise your design specs before getting council approval. Modifications made after council approval means more expenses.

4. Excavate wisely

Get a surveyor to check if your area is conducive to digging. Excavators may hit rock, doubling your expenses. In rocky areas, you may consider building an aboveground pool, as opposed to an inground one. Furthermore, to reduce excavation expenses, consider putting up mini islands.

5. Secure your pool

Pools can be a double-edged sword, fun on one hand, risky on the other. If you have children who can’t swim, it is imperative to have a fence with a self-closing and locking fence. As an alternative or for added protection, invest in a pool cover. Check your building code for safety requirements on covers and fences.

6. Make sure to be there during the handover

Be there when it is time for your contractor to leave the pool in your hands. He or she will tell you how to best maintain your private pond.


From the time of excavation to handover, building a pool can take months—and test your patience. There are so many decisions you have to make, most of which are related to design, mechanicals, and security of your pool.

Pools are definitely costly. In this view, it’s important to do some introspection before diving into a pool project. What do you need a pool for? If your main purpose is to add value to your property, remember that pools are largely hit-or-miss value boosters. Get a pool because you love swimming, more than you worry about the cost of building and maintaining it.


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