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Freestyle Breathing Timing & Losing Your Swim Stroke

Freestyle Breathing Timing: A Very Common Swimming Problem Mystery Revealed

Losing your freestyle breathing timing & Swim Stroke is commonly due to one of two factor or maybe even both.

You are most likely:

Image of a swimmer kicking on his side and face in the water. A drill to fix Freestyle Breathing Timing an Losing Your Swim Stroke
Losing Your Swim Stroke
Holding your breath rather than blowing all your air out smoothly and continuously under the water. This results in you feeling an urgent need for air, even desperation. Hence your entire focus is on taking that breath and your stroke flaws creep in.


Breathing on one side only. As a result, you have developed a lop-sided stroke. You are twisting and crossing your arms over the mid-line with your lead hand, in front of their head.

If you are doing either or both of these things you are losing a great deal of your speed and efficiency in your swim stroke.

This gets worse if you are an open water swimmer. Particularly if you have the crossover because you will be swimming off course and losing time.

Here is an article that will help you fix all that.


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