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How to Find the Right Swim Teacher for Your Child's Needs

How to Find the Right Swim Teacher for Your Child's Needs

Swimming represents an enjoyable and healthy activity for your child. However, before your child takes to the water, it is imperative that he or she has appropriate, comprehensive swimming lessons.

In contemplating swimming instruction for your child, you need to ensure that you select the most suitable teacher. A number of factors come into consideration when selecting a swim teacher for your child.

Teacher's Experience

First and foremost, when looking for a swim teacher for your child, you need to specifically review the experience of a potential instructor. Confirm an instructor's teaching work history, paying close attention to feedback from an employer through which the teacher taught lessons in the past. (Keep in mind that the law can limit former employers on what he or she can say about a former employee. With that said, if they experienced any type of problem or issue with an instructor, employers tend to try to give a person making an inquiry at least a vague heads up.)

Check References

Many swim teachers work independently, or have a fairly limited history with employers, due to the nature of the profession. Therefore, when looking for a swim teacher for your child, obtain references from that person. Contact the references and ask them for specific information about the teacher's performance. If you don't find the right teacher right away, don't settle. There are many certified swim instructors in Houston or any other city. The key is knowing how to find them. Search online or talk to your local rec centre.

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Proper Certifications

Make certain that a swim teacher maintains current certifications, including those associated with life-saving and CPR. This certainly seems like an obvious step in the hunt for a qualified swim teacher for a child; however, a surprising number of parents overlook this step. Some swim instructors are actually just lifeguards with swimming experience while others are certified specifically to teach lessons.

Age Focus

Different swim teachers tend to focus for the most part on instructing children in particular age groups. For example, some swim teachers instruct older children while others focus on young (and even very young) children. You want to be sure to select a swim teacher that has specific experience with children in the age group of your child. (You also want to make sure that a teacher enjoys working with children the age of your child.) If it's your child's first lesson, you'll also want to take the time to talk to your child and mentally prepare them for the lesson.

Group or Individual Lessons

Find out whether a particular potential swim teacher offers individual or group lessons. (Some teachers offer both.) Your child may do better with individual instruction or group instruction Your child may benefit from having access to both types of instructional opportunities. Group lessons are less expensive. The one on one focus of individual lessons can be more productive for a child, however.

There are many different options for swimming lessons. From private lessons to group lessons, there is something for everyone. Take some of the following tips in order to find a teacher who best meets your child's needs.


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