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Breaststroke: Fixing That Incomplete Stroke

Breaststroke: Fixing That Incomplete Stroke

When beginners first learn breaststroke, they inevitably do a short-stroke version. That is because they are anxious or just think it is the right thing to do, they tend to rush and never finish the stroke. This effect gets worse over a period of time if it is not corrected.

I know that most swimmers think that the faster they move the faster they will go but this is only true if your stroke is as efficient as you can make it to start with. In order to get that more efficient stroke, you have to learn to complete the stroke.

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The drill outlined in the video below works whether you are dealing with someone new to breaststroke or someone whose poor stroking habits is ingrained. Of course the more ingrained the fault the more time you will have to spend on the drill. But with persistence, you will get it.


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