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Specialized Swimming Workout

Specialized Swimming Workout

There are different components in becoming a great swimmer. You can dramatically improve your skills by focusing on a specific target or specialized swimming workout.

picture of a female swimmer doing freestyle specialized swimming workout in the pool.

You can easily break things down to smaller chunks of goals. In this way, you’ll be able to enhance your chances in developing a balanced technique when swimming. There are three elements that swimmers should be mindful about. These are endurance, speed, and form.

Endurance is Measured

Endurance is measured by the number of meters or yards one can complete. If you are competing in long-distance swimming, then endurance will be a key component of your training. The results of endurance training can benefit any swimmer. It’s an element that can help even beginners. Endurance training is more of an aerobic exercise rather than an anaerobic activity. It builds up your stamina and energy distribution. A study showed that people who have more endurance perform better. An athlete is considered to be at their best shape if he can consistently apply his skills and technique with the least effort. The amount of effort you put in a race is directly related to your endurance.

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Speed Training

Speed training is another aspect of this workout that can easily turn you into a better swimmer. After all, they don’t give the gold to the swimmer who covered that most meters. They give it to the person who has the fastest time. Your speed is the ultimate measure of your capability as a swimmer. The faster your time is the more recognition you get. You might be intimidated by world records. Instead of focusing on beating a record, try to play a game with yourself. You can get a baseline of your speed. You can beat your old record with one swim at a time. Don’t try to come up with a large number. It has to be realistic enough to avoid frustration.

Your Goal

Your goal may not be to become a world-class swimmer but your form is still essential. It can make swimming easier for you. Instead of working against your body, your form can be your tool towards achieving your goal. Your form can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. A correct form would allow you to navigate through the water with ease. In the same way, an incorrect form may limit your chances of easing thru the water. It is imperative that your body is doing what is supposed to do. A swimming workout at a slow speed can help you focus on your form.

These Are Three Focal Points

These are three focal points that can help you become a better swimmer. Your swimming workout should include these elements. However, you might want to focus more on one element depending on the type of swimmer you want to become. You can easily mix and match these elements according to your needs. A long-distance swimmer needs higher endurance training than other swimmers. If you are competing for a shorter distance, then you can focus on speed training. Once you are aware of your need then you can easily prioritize which swimming workout is best for you.


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