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Protect Your Skin From Swimming - DermaSwim Product Review

Protect Your Skin From Swimming

If you are going to spend as many hours in the water as I have, you are going to have to do something to protect your skin. Chlorine rash, allergy, pH sensitivity, swimmers skin or whatever you want to call it sucks.

I have tried wetsuits; petroleum jellies; multitudinous types of moisturizing lotion; copious amounts of moisturizing lotion, anti-chlorine shampoo and soap, just to name a few. Nothing works by itself but in combination, all have had limited success.

The most effective combination until recently was barrier cream before I put on my wetsuit followed by moisturizing lotion after class and as soon as I have had my shower.

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I Just Was Unable To Go Into The Water

Still, I have had occasions when I just was unable to go into the water for a time in order to give my skin a chance to recover.

I've now been using dermaswim pre-swim lotion for a few months now and although I sometimes still feel a bit more flushed than I would like, I don't suffer from anywhere near the dry, itchy, burning sensation I was.

There is A Downside

Now there is a downside. You have to make sure you spend the time before you swim, to put the lotion on. That means that you can't just put on you bathers and jump in anymore.

The pre-swim lotion, however, goes on really easy, is absorbed into the skin very well and has no odour of its own.

The first few minutes of teaching you have to be a bit careful, because your hands can be a bit slippery. But that doesn't last long and the protection you get lasts a lot longer than any other cream I've used so far: including barrier cream.


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