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Learning The Butterfly In Swimming

Guest Post on Learning The Butterfly

Today Mjoelle as part of my series where I have asked people to put forward their personal tip on what helped them to learn to swim, lets us in on his experience of Learning The Butterfly.

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As always I may or may not endorce theit tip but I still think the exersice is well worth while a trial.

After reading please feel free to put forward your faveite swimming tip.


My Experience Learning The Butterfly In Swimming

 By: Mjoelle

Back then, I used to always think that swimming was too difficult, but it turned out that I was completely wrong.

Although swimming seems to be tough, I was certain that I would be able to learn one day. I had no knowledge of even the basics of swimming, but fortunately for me, I had friends that taught me how to swim.

After a couple months, I mastered swimming breath stroke, back stroke, and even the regular stroke, but I was just so afraid to learn the butterfly. If you're also a beginner with the butterfly, then my experience stated below will probably be a pretty inspiring story for you.

After I heard about this new swimming style, I came back to being a complete beginner. I was such a beginner at the butterfly that I didn't even know what it looked like. I seriously had no idea on how I would be able to do the butterfly, but I was determined to actually learn it.

I started to research videos of people doing the butterfly, and was very scared to actually try it out. However, I finally got the nerve to try it out in my pool, and of course, I failed to do it.

My failure just made me more persistent in wanting to learn the butterfly. I then add even more extensive research on how I can do the butterfly, and in just 3 weeks, I was able to do various laps of the butterfly.

I knew that if I am able to do the butterfly, then everyone else can, as I didn't even know what it looked like.

Swimming Butterfly Tips:

Arm Pull
The butterfly stroke basically involves some sort of windmill-like arm movement which is known for being the butterfly pull. All you need to do is put your hands under the water above your shoulders with both your palms facing a bit out. Make sure your thumbs go under the water your hands. After that pull your arms to go under the water then toward your feet, so that when you lift them to go out of the water once again, they will reach your thighs.

The Dolphin Kick
 The dolphin kick is a pretty easy drill, as all you need to do is allow you to propel you and give you the power for when do the arm pull. All you need to do is Keep your feet and legs together while you kick upwards and downwards, allowing your knees to bend and generate power. Make sure that you don't move your legs horizontally or even separate them so that you can learn how to do the butterfly faster.

Image of two women doing the butterfly stroke in a swimming competition: This article is about Learning The Butterfly In Swimming
Butterfly Swimming
 Lastly, you will need great timing to do the butterfly, because even if you know how to do all the steps, if you don't have timing, you will end up not being able to do it properly. The best way to learn good timing is by of course actually trying it in the water. See if what you do is too fast or too slow, and try to fix it so that you end up doing the butterfly smoothly. If you would like to become a better swimmer, you could achieve success just like me by following the tips above.

It is better to fail knowing that you tried than to regret that you didn't try at all. With the tips above, success can be achieve no matter what.


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