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Swimming Pool Humor: Swimming Funnies About And Around The Pool

Swimming Pool Humor For The Twisted Mind

Every now and then I come across swimming funnies: swimming pool humor that is either too good or too bad not to record. This can be a creative cartoon,like the one below or just a comment that made me giggle.

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Funny Things Parents Say At The Pool:

One day I was life guarding and over heard a child say to her father:
"Is the water wet Daddy"?
To which the parent without missing a beat replied:
"only when it feels like it Sweetheart"
. One other time I was on Life Guard duty and approached by a parent
Parent: Can you get the attention of my son please?
Life Guard: which one is he?
Parent: the one with the goggles on

Are swim teachers smarter than sound technicians?

You can often hear Swimming teachers counting as they encourage their charge to do their strokes: 1,2,3, 1,2,3, 1,2,3

As a sound technician at my church I can often be heard to count 1,2 into the microphone.

One of my swim students who also happened to go to my church heard me counting on the microphone one day and came and asked me "did you forget how to count up to 3.
I am always telling my swim students jokes One day one of my swim students proudly reciprocated with:
Q: What do rabbits dry themselves with after they have been swimming

A: A hare dryer
This one resulted in some very fruitful smiles!

I don't know about you but I think that God has a great sense of humor, hence I find these next ones funny but be warned that if you find religious humor offensive you probably should skip these.


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