Ear Plugs - Why Bother Wearing Them?

Important, important, important, I can't over emphasize the importance of my next statement

"No ear plug is perfect at keeping water out"

So why bother with ear plugs at all?

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Because although it doesn't matter for those who don't have to wear ear plugs for medical reasons, far to often it is overlooked for those who do, and it's mostly the children who have no control that suffer.

And then there are those that just don't like water in their ears.

The ear is flexible and never remains static, therefore no matter what sort of ear plug you wear you will have regularly gaps opening between the ear canal and the plug.

When I was a child I had a lot of ear problems, so I know both how important and how annoying ear plugs can be.

Now days they are more of a nuisance to me so of course I don't wear ear plugs at all, but then I don't need them these days as my ears drain very well and can you imagine a swimming teacher trying to teach swimming with ear plugs: although I have to admit, it may be advantages with some children who seem bent on screaming just for pleasure.

Taking into account all the above it is worthwhile to talk about all the different types of ear plugs, their advantages and disadvantages because their are many difference between them and the technology has changed a whole lot since I was wearing them when I was young.

Next time starting to define the different types of ear plugs.


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