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Baby Wetsuites and Childrens Wetsuites Testimonials

The following are testimonials of parents that have purchased a Baby Wetsuit

As you will see these people are using the wet suits on a regular basis and are not just casual users.

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I thought that it was important for others to see just how important it is to keep children war in the water. I can harp on about it all that I like but in the end my word is not sufficient. People wont trust just my word but they may trust the word of other parents that have used kid's wetsuits and have found them useful. In fact in some cases I venture to suggest that it may have saved a parent or twos sanity.

Just a quick note to my North American I would not want you to discredit what has been written in this post because some of the spelling is different. I needs to be pointed out that these testimonials wee written in Australia and some of our words are spelled differently (not incorrectly)

hi Richard,
"I purchased a Konfidence wetsuit for my son Liam when he was 2 years old. He's a skinny little thing and after just 5 minutes in the pool his lips would turn blue and he would start to winge. Obviously once he had one, his older sister wanted one too. I was amazed at the difference.

The warmth factor meant they could both comfortably stay in the water a lot longer... in fact I frequently have to drag them out of the pool after well over an hour. However, I had not expected the benefit of the added bouncy. Both children found increased confidence in the water and my daughter's swimming immediately improved. Even Liam started to "get it" and is now happy to be in even neck-high water without being scared (though obviously not alone!).

My only concern is that they will come to rely on the increased buoyancy and therefore be unable to swim without them... however Asha and I trialled this last week and she assured be it is not a problem (after I rescued her from the bottom... joke!).

All in all I have been really happy with the suits. I was a little nervous paying so much and them not wearing them but they wear them all the time they are in the water - pool, lessons and the beach. I would certainly recommend them to any parents whose children need either extra warmth or extra buoyancy confidence in the water."

Jacqui, mother to Asha 5 and Liam 3

Dear Richard
My son, Sam, started swimming lessons just before he turned two. After a few weeks, we realized he was distressed in the pool because he was so cold. He was even shivering under the water and it was not a pleasant experience for anyone. I was going to have to stop lessons till the weather improved.

After you suggested getting him a kiddie [Childrens] wetsuit to try and keep him warmer I bought one soon after... It was called a 'warma wetsuit' by Konfidence.

The next lesson Sam wore it over a swimmer nappy and a rash vest. It was easy to get on and was secured by two Velcro straps behind his shoulders. In the water there was an immediate change in Sam's behaviour, 'no tears!' During the lesson when it was time for Humpty Dumpty, ie, sitting out on the edge of the pool, he began to get upset. He knew it was a time when he would normally get very cold. This time when he sat on the edge it was like turning off a switch. He immediately stopped crying as he realized he wasn't cold.

The change in his behaviour was dramatic and for the better.It is great because we can also use it at the beach, for longer play in and out of the water. He is now getting a lot more out of his lessons and loves it in the water.

Amanda (grateful mum)


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