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When Can I Start Swimming With My Baby?

When Can I Start Swimming With My Baby?

Form the babies point of view there nothing stopping you from starting swimming classes as soon as you want, provided the water is warm enough.

Picture of someone helping a baby paddle in the pool. The question is often asked, When can I start swimming with my baby?
Baby Swimming Lessons

There is normally no need to wait until your baby is immunized or anything like that before taking your star swimming but if you have any doubt check with your doctor.

In my experience, the earlier a child starts swimming lessons the sooner they develop a healthy respect for the water. Combine that with the possibility of your child learning to float or even sort of swim and you have some great fun and safety going on with the exercise of swimming. Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

For The Mother

Having said that, for the mother, it’s best that you wait until six weeks after your baby's birth before you go swimming; this is for your sake more than the babies. If you go swimming sooner there is a chance you may pick up an infection. If you’ve had a caesarean section or stitches your health visitor or GP may recommend that you wait longer than six weeks.

There is however no prohibition on your husband or other significant person tacking your baby swimming before that: but do remember the water has to be warm enough for your little one (about 32 to 34 deg C). Always remember that babies only have small bodies and the loss of vital heat is, therefore, more rapid than in those older.

The Other Thing To Consider

The other thing to consider is what your expectations are of swimming classes with your child. A very young baby (one that is not rolling or moving about or even sitting up by themselves) may be taught how to float but that is about it and there is no guarantee that they will do that in an emergency.

So if you are looking to drown-proof your baby there is no such thing and there is no Ian Thorps at 6 months old.

The bonding experience in a warm aquatic environment is like no other and the respect that your newborn will gain for the water, thus making them safer around it, is priceless.



  1. We've had babies as young as one month old come last year.

    In fact, we've got a video on our home page (and youtube) of this baby in the water.

    Nice article, Richard!

  2. Perhaps you could share the link to the video. For that matter isn't time you wrote a guest article that way you could embed the video into the article. :)