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A Beach Game: Building Race Tracks For Holiday Fun

A Beach Game Race With A Difference

One of the games that I used to love down at the beach, was a beach game called race tracks. I mention this because I don’t see any children play this any more.

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We spent every summer break at the beach when I was a child; we all loved it. We played lots games and there was always some sort of carnival at the camping grounds. Evening time I either spent time was with my Mum or Dad but mostly Mum because Dad would go back to work during the week and back to us at the weekend; playing board games and card games.

On the evenings we didn’t play games I visited beach mission or the local picture theater to catch up on all the movies that I had missed during the year.

I taught myself to swim at the beach and there were of course the obligatory sand castles, holes and tunnels under them or by themselves. They were no sand sculptures but they were fun. But the most fun was being outside the box creative with the sand and building race tracks.

Image of a child running on the beach sand beside a pinapple. A beach Game
Running in the Sand

A Beach Game For When It's All Yours

A race track had straights and turns and the designs were limited only by your imagination because you had all the time in the world and you hands were the only tools you needed. Some of the turns have banks high and low and nothing was more exhilarating than running around the high bank at such a speed the your whole body was on an angle and you had no fear of falling at high speeds cause you were on the sand.

Of course the beach was too crowded on hot day for such grand use of space but on cooler days the beach was my own and it was great.


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  1. Richard,

    We're good and land-locked here in East Tennessee, but that certainly sounds fun. Having fewer natural bodies of water than other parts of the US or other regions in the world makes our job of teaching swimming skills all the more important. Growing up near the coast or a large lake certainly has it's advantages!