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When is the Best Time of Day for Swimming Lessons?

When is the Best Time of Day for Swimming Lessons?

So when is the best time of day for swimming lessons? For older children (those older than toddlers); let's face it, any time is fine... Well for most children anyway.

Toddlers on the other hand are a different matter.

But even for non-toddlers, you are not doing your child any favours if you have the lessons when the child is hungry, thirsty or tired. Like everybody else the fresher you are the better you learn.

picture of a child underwater collecting floatting sticks. When is the Best Time of Day for Swimming Lessons?
Swimming Time

I know it is not always easy to organize a lesson at optimal times, conflicting schedules not to mention lesson availability are always going to be factors but if you keep in mind the hungry, thirsty or tiredness of your child factor then it only takes a bit of creativity to make it work.

A snack, a short rest, a bit of a quite time before lessons can all help to stave off distracting misbehavior or restlessness during a lesson. Be weary of too much TV before any type of lesson: some studies have shown that more than an hour of TV before any kind of schooling may impair optimal learning.

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Having said all that when it comes to toddlers, if your timing it just right and you organize your lesson just before a meal time especially if that meal time is the one just before their routine sleep, you may find some decided befits.

This is not critical but has some scheduling benefits:

  1. Your child associates the pool with other pleasurable activities even if they don’t like bed time, the routine and play will help
  2. You are less likely to have bowl movement or throwing up issues

So just remember, you can do swimming lesson at any time but depending on the ages of your children there are some times that are more optimal than others.


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