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Some of The Benefits of Swimming

Some of The Benefits of Swimming

There are a lot of claims made about the benefits of swimming: some are nonsense; many I am very dubious about; some are just as true for other sports and sometimes after I have read what I consider to be exorbitant claims, I begin to wonder if swimming has any more value than any other sport.

Image of young woman swimming freestyle in a pool lane: This article is about The Benefits To Swimming
There Are Benefits To Swimming

Then There is The White Noise Benefits of Swimming

There is nothing like the water to be able to naturally block out the sounds of life. The white noise factor is unique to swimming.

The ability to think in the pool environment is when you are in the mood for it what amount to meditation. Even being in the pool, so long as you are warm enough often brings an element of calmness within yourself and relaxation in the body that is equivalent to non.

Some say that it is because we come from the sea and others like me don't care but are very happy to partake.

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I'm convinced that one of the reasons that people gravitate to Learning to swim and one of the reasons young Mums and Dads are attracted to the bonding with their baby in swimming classes more than other ways, is because of the natural calmness that is inherent in the warmth and the water.

Of course, if you can't part yourself from your mobile phone but you want the calmness of the water, you could always download an app with water sounds on it.


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  1. Great post, Richard! We see this playing out a lot at our swim school.