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Halloween Safety & Swimming

Halloween Safety and Swimming

This is mostly for the USA readers mostly because Halloween is only just beginning to catch on in Australia and so what I'm about to say is not really relevant to readers in OZ. The Halloween “Trick” that will “Treat” you and your family to safety all year long Is the slogan of One Million Safer Kids campaign this Halloween season.

Picture of a young girl dressed up as a terrifying clown for Halloween. What does Halloween Have To Do With Swimming?
What does Halloween Have To Do With Swimming?

I have followed Kidpower as an organization for years as they have as their Goal to teaching kids how to be safe: they have asked that we blog about their new campaign and I am enthusiastically doing so.

What has all this got to do with swimming? Well, I'm sorry I kind of Tricked you all if you have got this far because it really has nothing to do with swimming really.  Except if you have read my blog for any period of time now you would know that Keeping Kids Safe is a passion of mine and that is what this campaign is about.

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It gives me great pleasure to endorse this campaign and encourage you to get involved. I wish all Trick or Treaters a fun time but I also want to remind you that fun and safety go hand in hand. If you are not safe the fun stops.


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