When Do I Start Baby Swimming

I must say that well written with accurate information on introducing your baby to swimming turns out to sometimes be, in fact too often, quite a task. There is so much mythology out their about teaching your baby to swim that it can be quite confusing.

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In contrast I was very please to stumble across this article:

  • When can I start swimming with my baby?

  • What will I need to take?

  • How do I keep my baby safe in the water?

  • I'm taking my baby to the pool on my own. Any tips?

  • I’m not confident in the water, should I still take my baby swimming?

  • What happens at baby swimming classes?

  • How do I find out about baby swimming lessons?

  • Ideal Temperature of the water for your baby to swim in Nappy's for swimming

  • Times to take your baby swimming
are all touched on in this article.

Now I intend to cover these topics in much more detail in this blog in the near future but in the mean time this article is well worth a read.


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  1. Swimming is a fun thing to do and also a good exercise for the whole body. No wonder many people do it and enroll their kids in swimming school.


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