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Swimming Games At End of Lessons Yes or No

Are Swimming Games Fun Or Learning

Some parents don't, want their children doing Swimming Games because they "should be learning not having fun".

Good Supervisors want games because they know that children learn better if the lesson is fun but don't want to upset the parents.

Then there are the supervisors that think games are a waste of time.

It really hard to win when it comes to doing swimming games.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

Most courses that I have been involved in encourage teachers to use game as a means of making lessons fun. But the pressure on the teacher not to do games is such that most schools I have been involved with usually end up requiring the teachers to only have games at the end of class.

So What is The Best Course of Action?

Well the in the end you have to run your class the way your school wants you to run your class but in m opinion you really should run as many games in a class as you can get away with. As long as the games are swimming related during class your students will learn much faster because they are having fun.And at the end of class?

Image of children with noodles under theor arms, one after the other in a train for a swimming game
Swimming Games
The way I look at it what does it matter if the game is related to swimming. If the students have a game to look forward to you will have less discipline problems and the children in particular will listen to you more intently because they like you and respect you because you respect them and reward them for their hard work.

The Exception

The exception to this of course is when it comes to Water Discovery. This is where you should as far as possible insist that the children do little else but games.

Structured lesson plans that do not involve lots of games for young, particularly very young, total beginners the are by far and away in my experience the hardest way to get children started swimming.

It is a fact that the best and by far the quickest way to get your children started swimming is to expose them to as much supervised fun water play as possible. if you really want your students and children to get swimming fast there is not substitute for lots of fun in the water.

Head Under Water Sooner

Do you want your child to put there head under water sooner? Then let them play under supervision in the water. Most times they will do it themselves. Sometimes you will need a caring teacher to help with that but the more exposure to water children have the quicker they are likely to do it. The more they enjoy the water they sooner they will swim. this is just a fact.

It is a fact that applies to all swimmers. Enjoyment of the water is key to learning to swim, even for the most fearful(in fact especially for the most fearful. Games are a great path to help gain enjoyment of the water.


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