Don't Wash Those Bathers ! (or Care of Your Swimming Costume)

Do you get frustrated that those swimming bathers (swimming trunks, swimming costume) lose their shape so quickly? I certainly used to.

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It is not only frustrating but become expensive. But when your swimmers - bathers, lose their shape you just have to get new ones. Well lets face it, not only does it reach a point where your Togs (Bathers) become indecent but your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend won't let you go to work unless you do. Well my wife won't let me anyway and fair enough too.

Most swimming costumes are chlorine resistant and durable and even shrink resistant. But there really is nothing about that is out of shape droop and stretch resistant.  

When I first started as a full time swim teacher I was sharing with one of the Mums of one of the swimming club. And you know what she said.

She said "Don't wash them"!

Now I was taken aback because ... well you gotta wash your bathers don't you. If you don't then ... and then I thought about it.Why do I need to wash them? After all they spend their time in chlorinated water whilst they are on you. a very powerful disinfectant.

This mother then told me all you should do is rinse your bathers out when you have your shower and hang them out to dire and they will last a lot longer.

The mother seemed to know what she was talking about so I tried it.

Now my swimming bathers last a lot longer and my wife and I are very happy.

So if your having trouble with your Togs going out of shape too soon, maybe your washing them too much.


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