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Are They Cold In The Water? - Baby Wetsuits, Childrens Wetsuits

Even when the weather is mild, most pools are not ideal for children. Very young children especially, don't have the body mass to retain heat for very long. They get cold in the water. Baby Wetsuits and Childrens Wetsuits help.

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I've had children in the pool with me when it is 40 Deg (Celsius) outside and still have them shivering after a 1/2 hour lesson; In the colder weather; hey, even I wear a wet suit in most heated pools (when I can afford one that is).

Some pools I have worked in have Hydro therapy pools that are supposed to be heated to 32-34 Deg at all times. With the emphasis on supposed to be. Now 32 - 34 Deg is the recommended temperature for baby and toddler classes, but lets face it even the best maintained pools have breakdowns and to be honest some times management become convinced that it is too costly to have the pool up at that temperature all the time. Not that anybody is going to admit to that.

Of recent time I have been recommending that parents invest in Baby wetsuits and Children's wetsuits for the older ones. The results of this have been dramatic. So dramatic that several of the parents wrote their thoughts on them. One of those is as follows (below).


Here as mentioned above is one parents thoughts on Baby wetsuit's and Children's wetsuit's:

Image of two babies in colorful Baby westuits
I’m the mother of 3 boys aged 6, 4, and 2. All my boys have been doing swimming lessons since they were around 9 months old. When I first started doing lessons with my eldest I came across a number of problems. The first being the fluctuation in temperatures of some swimming pools and the second being the constant change in teachers.

Anyone who has children or works with children will understand that children learn best if they are comfortable in the environment that they are in and if there is consistency in their teaching. Part of that is whether they are comfortable with their teacher and the other part is whether they are comfortable in the physical environment.

I am always amazed at the amount of children who stop their swimming lessons in the colder months. I did notice my youngest getting cold and being distracted and had been wondering if there was some way in which I could help improve his comfort level.

Around this time I met another mother whose daughter was wearing a baby wetsuit. I soon bought one for my youngest and found a great improvement in his focus as he wasn’t shivering anymore (the design of this earlier model was not great as it caused wedgies if not worn with swimmer nappies) I discovered that they also come in larger sizes so it was not long before I purchased a couple more for my older children.

Image of two children, a girl and a boy kicking the pool water in kids wetsuits The beauty of the Konfidence wetsuits is that they are sleeveless so it means that they last a bit longer as your children grow. The kids have been using them now for about 1 year in a chlorinated pool and I have not noticed any deterioration of the material, I just give them a quick rinse in the showers after the kids have had their swim and my eldest did tell me that it was much warmer swimming in the wetsuit.

I would recommend to anyone that rather than pulling their kids out of swimming lessons during the colder months that they have a look at investing in a wetsuit for your child.


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