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Learning To Swim As An Adult - Peter's Experience (Part 7)

Learning To Swim As An Adult, Struggling Through Freestyle & Winning

Whilst learning to swim as an adult, Peter was struggling through his freestyle and over time winning.

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Now we find Peter putting it all together.

It was late Aug 09, and I really wanted to finally go for it, at my next lesson.

Through my previous session that week, I decided to go for two strokes with breathing to the right, and I felt I was getting some rhythm this way and I could also maximize my distance. I was also starting to rotate my shoulders and body in the water and this also aided my head position when breathing as I did not have to lift my head and it was very close to the surface. I could also now breathe even if the bottom part of my mouth was in the water, something I could not do before.

So, with all this good practice and thought behind me, I went to my lesson confident and determined to show Richard I could do a length of free style. I did not quite make a full pool length but I was consistently doing 20 mtrs, and we were both very happy. I felt I was not far away from doing a full length and that’s exactly what I did a few days later while practicing without Richard. Now I have to keep improving my technique and aim towards increasing my distance metre by metre.

In 10 Months I Have Learned

So that’s my swimming story so far. In 10 months I have learned to do the following in a session:-
  • 200 mtrs plus of backstroke,
  • 300 mtrs plus of breaststoke,
  • 100 mtrs of butterfly with flippers,
  • Some sidestroke
  • 25 mtrs of free-style (it seemed like it took forever ! Hooray !)
I still have plenty to learn and achieve. I want to continue to improve my distance and times for all strokes with emphasis on improving my endurance, stamina and distance for free style now that I have finally got some rhythm. I want to get to 1 km soon, then 2 km. This summer I want to learn to be competent at swimming in the sea (already organized with one of my local friend), the ocean and at the beach with waves. Following this, I want to try other water sport activities, like body surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, sailing.

Learning to swim as an adult part 7: an Image of a mail swimmer doing cofident freestyle in the pool
From Adult Non Swimmer To Swimmer

Learning To Swim Has Been The Best Therapy

Learning to swim has been the best therapy for me, and has had a positive impact on my mental state following all my dark days last year. My health and fitness has also improved and I find swimming an excellent way to relax.

I hope I can continue to work with Richard. I have a lot of respect for him and he’s a great coach, and we have a lot of fun. Who knows one day I may ask him to teach me judo !

Richard you are a champion ! (Thanks Peter but your the real champion! Richard)

Next time Peter will give some of his best learn to swim tips.


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