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Learning To Swim As An Adult - Peter's Adult Learn To Swim Tips

Learning To Swim As An Adult Journey

Peter has been sharing his story of his journey of learning to swim as an adult. Becoming a swimmer from and adult non swimmer. This time he shares his learn to swim tips.

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My tips to other adults who cannot swim at all and want to learn :-
  • Don’t put it off any longer. Make a start right away and arrange to have lessons ASAP
  • Do your research, and find a good and convenient swim centre, and go check it out
  • Make sure they have instructors that are experienced with adults. Go meet the instructors, and talk to them about the lessons. Observe their lessons with others adults and see what they do. Make sure you feel comfortable with the instructors approach
  • Try to arrange private lessons if you can

  • Speak to family and friends about your interest in learning how to swim and don’t ever feel embarrassed. They will all be really willing help and may give you some good advice. (If your lucky you may even get some swimming gifts, like I did, to help you along the way)
  • Make sure you turn up early for your lesson, and are well prepared, and stay relaxed as much as possible. Try not to be nervous. You will be in good hands.
  • Try not to miss lessons, and try to also have some practice sessions to practice your drills between lessons. You will get more out of your lesson this way and improve more quickly.
  • Get to meet other swimmers and instructors at the swim centre and tell them you are learning. You will be amazed at what you might learn.
  • Learning to swim as an adult tips: an Image of a mail swimmer doing cofident freestyle in the pool
    From Adult Non Swimmer To Swimmer
  • Watch out for the good swimmers in the pool and learn from watching their technique.
  • Go swimming with your friends particularly those who you know are good swimmers. They will look after you and also try and help you. 
  • You will definitely get frustrated as you are trying to learn, but don’t let that get you down. Don’t panic, don’t give up, just keep trying and follow your coaches instructions and eventually you will succeed.
  • Use the kickboard and occasionally try using the flippers to get your body in a better position.
  • Make it fun and learn to relax. You will swim further this way. 
  • Finally, its Never too late to learn how to swim & if you do, you WILL enjoy it !
Next time: Miarade share her thoughts on learning to swim as an adult.


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