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Learn How To Swim 101: Overcoming Fear - Christmas

Learn How To Swim: Overcoming Fear - Christmas

The thing about fear of the water when you learn how to swim is that, unless it is a genuine phobia, it actually has more to do with fear of not being in control rather than the water itself. This reminds me of Christmas.

image a Santa on the beach overcoming fear of water when you learn how to swim and Christmas.
Photo by Lynda Hinton on Unsplash "Santa On The Beach"

For example, when a student or their parents wanting them to learn to swim, one of the first things that I teach them is how to float. usually in order to teach them how to float I first have to teach them how to stand up.

I may struggle to gain the confidence of the swimmer but that usually all changes the moment the swimmer learns that they have enough control to stand up on their own.

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It's the same with a swimmers fear of the deep water in most cases as soon as they learn that in the worst case they can roll over onto their back the deepwater loses its threat.

Each of these cases is cause for great celebration one mastered.

Christmas is also a cause for great celebration. It's the celebration of the birth of a child that would end up giving us the ultimate control. That of our own destiny.

Merry Christmas

And to all of those that live in Australia where Christmas is in Summer, don't for get to slip slop slap (slip on a shirt, slop on the sun screen and slap on a hat).

And as Laurie Lawrence would say:
Fence the pool
Shut the gate
Learn to swim
Supervise (and watch you mate- parenthesis mine)
Learn to resuscitate


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