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Freestyle Flip Turn or Tumble Turns- Step 2 Mastering The Underwater Somersault

Freestyle Flip Turns Or Tumble Turns Perceive As Difficult

I think the reason that new swimming students don't like freestyle flip turns or tumble turns is because they perceive them as difficult.

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But if you've mastered the underwater somersault then you can do them (see also Freestyle Flip Turn or Tumble Turns- step 3.

Never-the-less because people perceive Freestyle Flip Turns or Tumble Turns as difficult I have found a series of videos that I think are a great help.

Here is the second video in the series. The first you can find at Mastering the Underwater Somersault



  1. Very useful. I need to learn these.

  2. great explanation. Light hands and do not use hands. I'm off to the pool to give it a go