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Games for Swimming Lessons: Water Discovery- IN–AND–OUT RACE

Games for Swimming Lessons: IN–AND–OUT RACE

This is another one of my games for swimming lessons. You must have taught the swimming students the proper and safe way to get in and out of the pool before this race is attempted.

image of a child sitting on the edge of the pool, getting ready for one of my games for swimming lessons, by reaching around to her side, preparing to enter the pool safely.
Child Entering Water Correctly

In shallow water all swimmers line up on the edge of the pool.

On signal they enter the water and wade as fast as possible to a designated line, submerge, come up, turn around, and race back to the starting line.

The first back and out seated on deck of the pool wins.

This game can also be use in open water lessons.

When all the swimmers run into the water from the beach and out the same way.


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