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More Songs and Lyrics for Learning To Swim With

Learn To Swim Song And Lyrics

As I said in a previous post when you are teaching young children and infants you have to make it fun and the best way to make it fun that I know of is to sing songs as you do the activities such.

Here are some more song ideas to add to the collection of songs and lyrics presented previously in that have come from other swim teachers, the children, videos, TV shows, Childcare centres, Kindergartens, books, other non aquatic programs for children, etc. adapted to the swimming environment and to use swimming language (jargon).

I've made no attempt at all this time to explain where it is best to use these songs, that's your job as a swimming teacher. Suffice to say that these are to be used with the games you play to make the water environment fun and enjoyable for the children. This is by far the best way to overcome the children's fear.

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I do need to repeat that whilst the hope is that they will fall over, you must always be ready and observant so that if they do you can pick them up and praise them.

You must never push them over; unless you want them to loose their trust.

You don't have to be able to sing or even know the tunes of these songs, the children will just be happy for you to say the lyrics as a poem. However having said that I'm sure you will recognize the words and be able to put a tune to them. Or make one up that fits.

Song Lyrics

What's The Time Nemo

What's the time nemo
Four o'clock (four Jumps)
What's the time nemo
Time b turn around so you don't get splashed

Cross The Nullarbor

If you want to cross the Nullarbor
You go by train
If you want to see Ullaru
You go by plane
If you want to go to the Barrier Reef
You need to go by boat
Before you cross Bass Strait
you need to float

Up To The Ceiling

Up to the ceiling
down to the ground
Backwards and forwards
And round and round
Dance little baby dance up and down
Let's go splashing all around

Up To The Ceiling

Dorothy the dinosaur swings from side
She's terribly big and terribly wide
She gives us all a bumpy ride
And then she bubbles to the other side

This Is The Way We Blow Big Bubbles

This is the way we blow big bubbles
blow big bubbles, blow big bubbles
This is the wav we blow big bubbles
While were in the water
This is the way we kick our legs
kick our legs, kick our legs
This is the way we kick our legs
While were in the water
This is the way we splash our hands
splash our hands, splash our hands
This is the way we splash our hands
While were in the water

Image of a smiling child wearing goggles, under water collecting floating sticks as part of her swimming Games
Swimming Games Are Fun

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty dumpty sat on the wall
Humpty dumpty had a great fall
Rolled right over onto his back
With a big fat tummy
And two feet that splash

Everybody Bubble

Everybody clap
Everybody bubble
Then we kick back
And then we kick and bubble
Hands in the air rock-a-bye your bear
Bears now asleep, sh sh sh
Bears now asleep sh sh sh
Wake up bears.

Bananas n Pyjamas

Bananas in pyjamas
Are bobbing Up and down
Bananas in pyjamas
Are bobbing Up and down
Bananas in pyjamas
Are bobbing Up and down
Cos on Wednesday's
They all like jump, and shout hooray

Motor Boat

Motor boat Motor boat
Go so slow
Motor boat motor boat
Go so fast
Motor boat motor boat
Step on the gas

Hippitty Hop

I'm hippitty Hop the Kangaroo
I'm hippitty hop how do you do
hop on two legs not one like you
I'm hippitty hop the kangaroo
Action ( have a rest by floating)
Then say
Good afternoon (jump In the air)

We All Jump Up

We all jump up
We all bob down
We all blow bubbles
And turn around
We all go here
We all go there
We all jump into the middie
And splash everywhere

There is More

There is more information on teaching small children. Check under the label on this blog. See also Water discovery Games and Songs


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