Swimming Lesson Ideas: Leave the tip of your goggles in the water

One of the best ways to communicate to a swimming student about how to get their head into the correct position when breathing is to come up with physical queues that can be used to help guide the student.

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Most people do not know where they should be placing their heads when breathing. In fact most people are under the impression that it does not matter where your head is placed when you breathe. But it makes a huge difference.

If your head is too high in the water then your legs will be to low. If your head is to low in the water your going to spend more time breathing in water than swimming.

So with all that in mind, here is a simple tip that I find immensely helpful in communicating where your head should be in the when you breathe as well as being what I have I alluded to earlier, an excellent way to help young student have a physical queue to guide them.

Simple leave the tip of your goggles in the water when you breathe!

That is your mouth should be clear of the water but you should be able to see a tiny bit of water floating over the goggle lens that is closest to the water when your head is turned. (see Pic)

Remember you are doing all this as you are walking along with the kick board in front of you and make sure you are blowing out for the count of 2. That’s “1 and 2”.

Now you need to practice the same thing as the above whilst you are kicking. But don’t do this without fixing your kicking first.

Below is a little video that gives a great idea as to what your breathing should look like when you are leaving the tip of your goggle in the water..


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