Swimming Lesson Ideas: The first shall be last

It occurred to me the other day that I may do somethings a little bit different to to other swimming teachers.

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For example: if your students were in water with you and the water were over their heads and you wanted to put water wings on for some activity, who would you put the water wings on first?

Would you put them on the weakest student first to keep them safe?

You see I found that most teachers do put the water wings on the weakest student first because logically they are the one who needs the most looking out for. But are they?

In fact in my experience the ones most likely to do something silly and put themselves in danger are the students that are that little bit more confident. Just because they think they are safer than they really are. So I would put the water wings (floaties) on the most confident student first.

Lets face it the students who are scared are usually going to hang on for dear life.


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