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How to Practice Swimming Techniques With Kids While On Vacation

How to Practice Swimming Techniques With Kids While On Vacation

It is important to note that we are talking about how to practice swimming techniques with kids while on vacation here. That is, taking what the children have learned from swim lessons and practising it on vacation. Particularly if those swim lessons are taken at the local summer vacation beach or resort swim school.

Picture of a pool. How to Practice Swimming Techniques With Kids While On Vacation
Not the Resort Pool

Do your children know how to swim?

That is one significant question you should be asking yourself, and if you find that the answer is no, then you need to change that. it is time to get them swimming lessons.

Now, as parents, of course, we don’t want to envision anything happening to our littles. However, as parents, we must prepare and predict any and all safety concerns, so that we are doing our duty in protecting our children. It should go without saying, if a child doesn’t know how to swim, this would put their entire life and well-being at risk. Either from drowning, or second-hand drowning. If not those worse-case scenarios, your child could still find themselves adrift in a horrible situation. Somewhere unfamiliar and alone with no help. Especially if this was in the ocean. Safety, for ourselves, and as our duty to our children, always comes first!

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How To Practice Swimming Techniques With Kids While On Vacation:

With that said, let’s discuss some ways to practice swimming during vacations. In this day and age, there are so many resources online that it’s nearly impossible not to read or watch tips on how to teach your own child how to swim - YouTube, articles like these, TikTok, and many other platforms. Don’t forget the right gear is crucial, too. For very early swimmers, floatation devices are great, goggles and even fins can add a depth of fun. As long as you don’t take your eyes off the children for a second. Also, teaching them to float, so when they are too tired, they can enjoy the scenery and relax as the water gently carries them along. Another idea is to have your child start out by playing games, like blowing bubbles in the water. This will be a sure way to start off their learning in a positive way, as well as build both their water confidence and breath!

The Benefits of Swimming On Vacation:

Not only is their safety important, but their independence and courage also are vital for their future. Children who are unable to swim cannot enjoy the perks and excitement with their friends, family, peers, or others. They also tend to develop an overwrought fear of the water, unable to step over that barrier and use their bravery to seek out lessons and learn. Instead of enjoying their time swimming with a group, they are only dipping their toes into the water for a mere teasing taste of how extravagant and immaculate the water can be. I for one love the water - for it gives me peace and many others peace and comfort; I couldn’t imagine a life where I was unable to truly experience the wonders and depths of its beauty.

Remember, when your child is having fun, it makes it all the easier for their lessons to sink into their memories like concrete! There are so many benefits to swimming on vacation for both your child and you. Keeping you both in shape will allow you to go on even more athletic expeditions and reach places that unfit folks may not have the luxury to do. Most of all, these are the memories that stick with a child for the rest of their life and some would say is the bread and butter to bonding.

Both your child and yourself will be thankful for taking the precautions and the time to teach them to swim, so don’t hesitate any further and get your aquatic groove on!

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for Oak Haven Resort


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