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How To Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety in Swim Lessons

Helping Your Child Overcome Anxiety in Swim Lessons

Basically, helping your child overcome anxiety in swim lessons is about helping students enjoy their lessons. But it is a but there is a bit more to it than just games.

Picture of a child standing by the pool looking pensive. Helping Your Child Overcome Anxiety in Swim Lessons
Looking Pensive 

Fear of getting water in their ears, gravity and floating in the water, fear of drowning or being around the drains or jets in the pool, or previous trauma in the water can all be a factor in managing students in swim lessons. Once a student starts enjoying the water then their anxiety lessens. Finding a swim instructor that specializes in water anxieties and water play is recommended.

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Key Takeaways:

  • When people have had a bad experience involving water, they can end up with fears involving swimming.
  • One reassuring thing that is used is the touching and letting go method, where you lessen the incidence of the touching.
  • When someone doesn't want to go to their swim lesson, many times the issue is an underlying fear of the water.

"Overcoming anxiety in the pool so that you can help your swimmer beat their fear of water and enjoy all the benefits that swimming has to offer."

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