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Learning How To Swim Principles for 4-year Old's

Due to developments in fine motor capabilities, four years old is a perfect age to begin learning how to swim.

When teaching your young child how to swim, it's important to let them learn via the correct techniques, but also by trial and error. It's okay to let them learn what doesn't work, as long as they're doing so in a safe environment. When choosing a coach, it's important to consider whether this one coach has experience with children of all ages, as oftentimes they don't.

Picture of a little girl in the pool with goggles on. This article is about learning how to swim for 4 year old's
4 Year Old Swimming

Key Takeaways:

  • Children gain control over their motor skills starting at the age of 4, and parents are encouraged to start their children swimming at a young age.
  • Children are able to progress to lessons without their parents once they know the fast kicking action needed for propulsion.
  • There are many progressions that come with swimming which include breath control, floating and submersion.

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"As a result, when children progress to lessons without their parent, they should know the straight leg, little fast kicking action required for propulsion."

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