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How To Teach Your 7-Year-Old To Swim

How To Teach your 7-Year-Old To Swim

Learning to swim is a right of passage for kids, and for that reason, you may be inclined to teach your seven-year-old to swim yourself, rather than taking them to classes. Before you set out read this.

Picture of a happy young child holding hands with someone in the pool. Teach a 7-Year-Old To Swim
Teaching Your 7-Year-Old To Swim

Before you set out to teach your seven-year-old to swim, be sure to explain to them why swimming is important. From there, you can ease them into swimming with light activities such as blowing bubbles in the water and holding their breath underwater. Ultimately, learning to swim is all about teaching your child to trust the water.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before learning to swim, children should learn the value of swimming so they understand why they're investing their time.
  • Letting a child put their face into the water and blow bubbles is a fun way to introduce them to swimming.
  • Teaching a child to hold their breath underwater for short bursts will help them gain confidence.

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"Any day near a pool can be stressful when you have an adventurous 7-year-old that doesn't know how to swim."

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