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Helping Understand ADHD: My Little Bear Cave Children's Book

My Little Bear Cave: A Children's Book, Helping Understand ADHD

This amazing, easy-to-read, little book, is one that children will love to read and have read to them. It is a great little read. Whilst not about swimming nor specifically swim teaching, it goes a long way to helping not just children but anybody who has or works with children, that have problems expressing themselves in words. Particularly those with ADHD abilities. And did I mention it's a great little read!

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My Little Bear Cave Cover of a boy standing outside a cave
My little bear cave is about a boy that feels he doesn't have the right words to say what is bothering him. So, in his mind, he goes to his safe space. His very own bear cave. There, he can be a bear because bears are big and brave. But his sadness catches up to him, even in his little cave. He soon realises this cave isn't the safe place he hoped for. But to leave his little bear cave, he must be brave with his words.

Full disclosure, this book is written by my son. It was written at a time when he was pondering the feelings of his son as he face his fear and frustration when he was unable to find a way to fully express what he was feeling. When he eventually showed it to his son the response was with great feeling, "Dad that is exactly how I feel".

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My Little Bear Cave Cover of a boy standing outside a cave
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Swim teachers and parents are often the least educated when it comes to dealing with people with things like ADHD abilities. And even professionals who do have such training often struggle to understand what is going on in the mind of such people and children. It is not surprising then that children often get labelled as troublemakers when all they are trying to do is find a way to express feelings that are beyond their own comprehension let alone vocabulary.

They say patience is a virtue, but it is even more so when it comes to avoiding the temptation of labelling a child and writing them off rather than trying to help them find ways of telling you what is wrong.

All I am saying here is whenever you ask yourself "why won't they listen?", stop and ask yourself "is it me that is not listening?".

You should buy My little Bear Cave I am convinced you'll love it and your children will too. And Who knows it may help you understand what is going on in the head of the children you are with. But more importantly, you should buy this book to read to your children or have them read it because it is a great little read.


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