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Games To Take The Boredom Factor Out Of Swimming Lessons!

Games To Take The Boredom Factor Out Of Swimming Lessons!

This article is reprinted from "Water Babble" issue of May 2001 and is 'Cop Con' as it was not possible to obtain permission.

All swim lessons should include games and fun activities as a major part of the lesson.

picture of happy kids underwater giving a thumbs up. Take The Boredom Factor Out Of Swimming Lessons
Take The Boredom Factor Out Of Swimming Lessons

"Oh No!" I hear you say - "the parents of My students would never accept that. They want their children to swim laps and some more laps." Well - of course, they do - but they want their children to be happy and 'safe' in an aquatic environment. they also want their children to enjoy swimming. How happy would everyone be if the children were saying "Can I do swimming lessons again this term?" Instead of "I can swim now can I play basketball?" It's easy - make the learning fun and educational along the way.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

I know, I know,- there is no time to talk to the parents in between lessons, no time to explain the games. Why not hand out a note at the beginning of the term explaining the philosophy of 'playing games to encourage the learning process. Outline that every game used has an educational purpose suitable for the level of the class. Strokes have to be taught, laps have to be done but why can't it be fun! let's get away from the bored children who know every bandaid on the black line and from the bored-looking swimming teacher wandering up and down the pool deck. Remember the enthusiasm you had when you started teaching. Trust me, the more fun the children are having, the better behaved they will be and the more fun you will have.

Here are a few games to start you off:

Dodge 'Em Cars'

Purpose: to improve hand-skulling movements in all directions.

Equipment: one noodle per student.

Each student sits on a noodle with the ends tucked under their knees. On the go signal, the students may use hand sculls to maneuver their 'car' around the set area to knock the other students off their 'car'. Students may bump each other only-no pushing or pulling.

Olympic Torch

Purpose: to improve the strength of the backstroke kick.

Equipment: Plastic cups. The largest you can get.

Each Student starts kicking as for backstroke and holds the cup in one hand above their head about 90 deg. to the body. Kick a preset distance holding the torch up according to the skill level of the student. Advanced students may hold one in each hand. can be performed as a race or a relay by having a bucket at the end of the distance to empty the water from the torch into.

Beach Whales

Purpose: to experience the floatation given by a P.D.F.

Equipment: P.D.F. each.

Each Student attempts a feet-first dive and swims underwater face up for a set distance (to clear the boat) while wearing a P.D.F.

Siamese Twins

Purpose: to break down the backstroke to allow for concentrations on an aspect of the stroke. One arm drill.

Equipment: Nil

In pairs, students hold hands or arms around each other and swim backstroke. One student is a right arm the other left. Can be performed with all strokes with care.


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