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What is Positive Swim Culture?

What is Positive Swim Culture?

Positive swim culture is very important, especially for children as they are going to want a positive environment when they are swimming.

Image of a happy young girl in the water hang by the side of the pool. Positive swim culture is very important
Positive swim culture

There are a few different ways that you can create this type of environment, and the most important aspect is simply relationship building. Coaches should be building a relationship with their swimming students by conversing with them and making them feel valued. Coaches should also be using praise and celebration when their students accomplish something in the pool or have a good day.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Relationship building between coaches and children is key to building a positive environment.
  • A shared vision is accomplished by ensuring that students are aware of all rules and expectations.
  • Praise and celebration play an important tole in fostering positivity.

"This positive culture is something we consciously work on at SafeSplash for a very important reason."

Read more: https://www.safesplash.com/blog/positive-swim-culture


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