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What I Didn’t Expect from Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons can offer some unexpected things. For example, you may be surprised at how quickly young children can pick up swimming and how enjoyable it can be for them.

Happy little girl in swimming by the side of the pool.
Swimming Lessons

You also may be surprised how quickly most children stop crying when they are in swimming lessons even though their initial fear of water can be normal. Instead, most children are very happy in the pool and have a good time. Make sure that as a parent you understand the instructor's care about your child.

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Key Takeaways:

  • My son would sob while taking baths, so I worried that he'd cry in the pool.
  • Instead, he smiled when in the pool, and this comfort with water now carried over to the bathtub.
  • Parents should know their children will, given care and time overcome their fears of the water and have fun.

"I was always able to avoid the topic by making an excuse, "we are just so busy", but that wasn't why I was apprehensive."

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