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Breaststroke Technique - How To Improve Your Glide!

How To Improve Your Breaststroke Glide Technique

This video goes through a couple of (2) quick tips on how to maximize your glide in your breaststroke technique.

Picture of a man in the pool doing the breathing phase of his Breaststroke
Breastroke Tips

The first one is keeping your head low so as you see here keeping your head low and your arms extended creates and forms that small space in which you will be gliding that small space reduces drag and overall moves you forward and maintains being more streamlined

The second point to help improve your glide is keeping and maintaining your arms extended once you finish your breath here this again will improve your streamlined body position and overall have you swim through a small space.

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Practice when completing the breath and feeling more glide is to actually feel a full lengthening and stretch from your back. this also helps maintain that streamlined position just giving you that added push to help you glide even further.


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