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How To Use Your Shoulders Properly In Breaststroke!

How To Use Your Shoulders Properly In Breaststroke!

The goal of all good swimmers is or at least should be, to find better ways to relax and at the same time improve the efficiency of all your strokes. This video is all about proper shoulder position for the stroke cycle of breaststroke.

Here are some quick tips and demonstrations on how to practice in place as well as a full side demonstration so you can see how the shoulder moves properly throughout the entire stroke cycle.

You will need to find a comfortable area so you can really focus on your breath and keeping your shoulders rolled forward.

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Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to avoid lifting too high so that you don't end up wasting a lot of energy as this reduces your power forward and you don't get to feel a nice glide after you finish the breath.
  • This will help you with your position so you can maintain streamline with every stroke.
  • There is a nice demonstration of how to keep and maintain your shoulders forward, your breath low and your shoulders relaxed
  • The video takes advantage of freeze-frame to help you see more clearly what is being demonstrated
  • You are able to see a demonstration of the breath when the lift is too high up
  • You can see how the lower back starts to arch you end up finding more resistance and losing leverage
  • You will see the correction in the glide by staying low and maintaining my momentum forward, rolling the shoulders forward so they do not retract back


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