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Swim Lessons Won’t Keep Your Toddler From Drowning

Swim Lessons Won’t Keep Your Toddler From Drowning

An abstract of an excellent article by one Mother learning to sort through the myth and the facts about drowning and swimming lessons

Piture of a swim teacher in the pool coaching a toddler on the side of the pool after a toy duck: Swim Lessons Won’t Keep Your Toddler From Drowning
Toddles and Swimming Lessons

When my son almost drowned, two times, I realized I needed something to help him in the water. There were two occasions where he slipped under the water and nobody noticed. Drowning is silent, it isn't splashing and screaming for help, they slip under and then that's it. Not all swim lessons are beneficial, and no swim lessons are a guarantee. The swim lessons that children learn to do is to trust and have fun in the water, they need to be taught to survive in the water.

Key Takeaways:

  • My son almost drowned a couple times, luckily I was right there to save him.
  • I decided swim lessons were the way to go, but those aren't all that is necessary.
  • Survival swim lessons and swim lessons are not the same things, you need to learn to survive in the water as well.

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"There were multiple people in the pool with him each time, some within a couple of feet, a few of them relatives—and nobody saw that he had drifted back to where the water deepened and had sunk below the surface. The only reason I noticed was because when I looked for him, he wasn't there."

Read more: https://slate.com/human-interest/2017/06/swim-lessons-wont-keep-your-toddler-from-drowning.html




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