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Pros and Cons of Swimming for Newborns

Newborn swimming seems to be very easy and fun when they are seen enjoying it. Babies learn to enjoy swimming when they are exposed to the water at the right age, and this helps them to become water friendly. But this entire process has its share of pros and cons.

Image of toddlers swimming with a noodle. Swimming for newborns prepares well for this.
Toddler Swimming Prep for Swimming for newborns

The Following Reflect the Pros for Newborn and Swimming:

  • Why Should Babies Need to Become Water Friendly?
  • Some toddlers hate to enter into the water. That is one of the main reasons for newborns - Toddler swimming. Also, some expert swimming trainers believe that to nurture the love for water in toddlers, parents must spend some time with their babies in the water on some days. By practising the routine of swimming for newborns, the little ones become used to the nature of water. So, by the time they cross the age of 4 and are asked to swim or at least enter a pool, they won’t fear it.

  • How Swimming Is Beneficial for Newborn?
  • Swimming, in general, is a great fun exercise. When babies are exposed to it, they are exposed to a good bundle of benefits also:

    1. Newborn swimming helps to strengthen their muscles and joints as their arms and legs get perfectly in locomotion. This strength also makes their heart and lungs stronger.
    2. They start to maintain proper balance and coordination on both sides of their bodies, too, as they entirely get supported in the water.
    3. They may discover an increase in their appetite and sleep duration.
    4. Lastly, as they lose the water's fear, they get driven to try new things in the water.

    Image of coloured balls floating. Fun for newborns swimming
    Fun for Newborns Swimming

  • Swimming for newborns gives them confidence in staying in the water and enjoying it:

    1. Enhances the Quality Time Between the New-born and the Parent
    2. With swimming classes for newborns, parents get to spend a lot of heart-warming time with their toddlers. It may help improves their coordination and understanding between both the parent and the child and does excellent work on the bond between the two.

    3. Get the Right Equipment for Your Baby
    4. Newborn swimming has to be done with proper safety and toddler-friendly equipment like swimming diapers for newborns, swimsuits, or kick paddles. You can definitely rely on this for the safety of your newborn.

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The Following Are Certain Cons for Newborns and Swimming:

    (Note: All of the following can be resolved with the right teacher and swim school – editor)

  1. Might Not Be the Right Age
  2. It is said that when babies are exposed to swimming at an earlier age, there is a high chance of swallowing chlorinated water, which is not good for the child. Therefore newborns and swimming pools do not go together.

  3. Difficulty in regulating body temperatures
  4. If newborns are exposed to water of slightly high or low temperature, then they will face difficulty in regulating their body temperatures, which can later cause hypothermia. Thus, parents need to be very careful about these aspects.

  5. Criteria of development
  6. If the newborn is yet to develop his or her motor muscles, then exposing them to swimming might not be the right decision. Newborns should be exposed to swimming when they have developed the mentioned sense.

  7. Choosing the right equipment
  8. It does sometimes happen that babies are exposed to the water with the wrong equipment. Thus, parents need to be very particular with the right equipment.

  9. Be vigilant
  10. Newborns and swimming pools may not always go hand in hand. Therefore parents need to be attentive about it otherwise, it can lead to certain unexpected incidents too.

Newborns swimming is great for toddlers

Newborns swimming is great for toddlers, keeping in mind their physical and mental development. It is an excellent way of keeping them fit from an early age. Newborn swimming may bring up the confidence of children in water in the toddlers. Also, the statistics show that drowning is one of the leading reasons why children lose their lives, hence, parents should make their kids practice this but with all the possible safety and security.

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