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Peeing In The Pool: What You Secretly Have Always Wanted To Know

Peeing In The Pool: "EW" Or Is It

It is considered taboo to pee in the water and it is often a subject that no one wants to talk about. But I'd be willing bet that you still want to know exactly what does happen in and to the water when kids go peeing in the pool.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

I say kids but we all know that adults do it as much as the kids. Despite the "ew" comment one gets when talking to them about it.

Well I found an article that is quite authoritative on pee in the pool.

Image of kids having fun getting there photo taken in the pool.This article is about peeing in the pool taboo
Peeing In The Pool Taboo

A Caveat

I have just one caveat about the article however, I do not approve of the magic bottle approach to stopping kids from peeing in the pool. It is one thing to play fantasy with a child it is quite another to lie to them. Sooner or later your lie will be found out and then you have lost credibility. Credibility in the water is everything. If you lose your credibility in the water with children you are taking the risk that they will not do what you say in a dangerous situation. Always mean what you say and say what you mean, especially with kids.

Peeing in the pool is not a good thing but provided the offender is not ill in some way and the pool is properly maintained it is not exactly a disaster either. I definitely wouldn't encourage it but surprisingly as one owner of a pool I used to work for said: "A little bit of pee can actually help balance the pool PH.


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