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Freestyle Rotation Explained: The Importance And The Risks

Freestyle Rotation

As you become better at your freestyle, you will find your development slow if you don't learn rotation. Not only does freestyle rotation improve your efficiency in the water it also helps to avoid injury.

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Proper Rotation Can Prevent Injury

Yes, although most don't realize it, proper rotation when you are swimming can prevent injury. Many injuries in swimming are caused because of incorrect alignment of the body. There are many benefits from swimming but sometimes they can all be negated by neck, shoulder and back pain because you are twisting you body too often in ways that God never meant it to go.

Correct Rotation Improves Efficiency

But not only does correct rotation help eliminate many of these problem, it also improves efficiency in the water. Correct rotation improves the streamline of your body, allowing it to move through the water much more easily.

On the other hand incorrect rotation can cause zig zag and a incorrect breathing technique not to mention a bunch of other issues that will make your swimming that much harder.

Adding a bit of rotation you your swim is relatively easy as the infografic and the video below will show, so they is no good reason why you would not add it to you freestyle and indeed you backstroke (though it is not demonstrated here) swim.


Gif from pintrest showing how to do Freestyle Swimming Rotation

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