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Swimming Tips: The Ultimate Secret To Improve Your Swimming

My Best Swimming Tips To Reveal The Ultimate Secret

The secret is the same for adults learning or improving their swimming as it is for children.

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I regularly get asked by students and parents: "What are your best Swimming tips to improve their [Child's] swimming?". They are almost always surprised by my answer. "As much exposure to the water as possible, not for lessons but just to have fun." The more you expose someone to water the quicker they will learn to swim but only if they enjoy it.

Image of Young Happy Girl in the water at the edge of the pool:Best Swimming Tips - Have Fun
Have Fun and You Will
Learn To Swim Faster
It's only logical really. If your heart is not in something then you are not going to put your best effort into it. I came across an article called "The Ultimate Secret To Improving Your Swimming" by swim smooth, that demonstrates this principle very well with a couple of videos.

Simple: Make Swimming Enjoyable

It really is quite as simple as that you have to find a way to make swimming enjoyable or your improvement will flounder.

It's one of the reasons that I get so annoyed at swim teachers that insist that you don't have swimming pools games in class. If your students enjoy their lesson not only will they come back but they will improve way faster than students that don't.

Sure some students don't need the games because they enjoy swimming for swimming sake. But I have only ever met one student that didn't enjoy the games out of 100's of students and they were happy to sit that part out; everybody else loved them. More than that, those students that didn't love swimming for swimming sake are going to improve faster because they enjoy it so it is a win-win for everybody.

The Most Advanced Love It

The most advanced students I have ever seen, spend ages in the water because they love it. I've had 2 year old's that came to me swimming like a fish and when I ask her parents what they thought was the reason the child was so advanced, I was told it was because they had a pool or lived by the beach and spent many hours playing in it.

Of all the swimming tips I can give the ultimate secret to improve your swimming will always be: "Do it, Do it often and do it safely but most importantly have fun doing it".


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