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How Can I Maintain My Pool In An Eco-Friendly Way?

How Can I Maintain My Pool In An Eco-Friendly Way?

One of the negatives about pool ownership that many people worry about are all the chemicals they feel are necessary to maintain the pool. Sometimes, “eco-friendly” and “chemical-free” can’t be used about the same pool, and it’s challenging to figure out what to do.

You want a pool. You deserve a pool. But, you also want the upkeep to be as free from dangerous or questionable chemicals as possible. Here are a few tips that will help you out:

Regular Skimming

With regular use, your backyard pool will accumulate debris on the top and in the baskets. You don’t need any chemicals to skim that stuff out of there with the skimming tools that came with your pool. You just have to take the action regularly, before it turns into a bigger problem.

Even if you use a professional company to come in and clean it all out, do some skimming on your own when leaves, sticks and other stuff gets in there. A well-skimmed pool makes for an efficient circulation system and less chlorine is required.

Vacuum the Walls and Tile

Vacuuming is another way to maintain your pool and keep that eco-friendly moniker. Naturally, vacuuming doesn’t require any chemicals and it takes the skimming concept a step or two further. Your pump and filter are used during the vacuuming process, so remember to keep an eye on them as you go, especially if there is a lot of dirt on the sides and bottom of the pool. If the filter seems clogged, shut the vacuum off, clean it out and then continue.

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Maintain the Water Level

Simply keeping the water level up where it should be is another way to help the system run efficiently and reduce the number of chemical helpers you need. It’s easy to see where it should be, so check it at least once a week and top it up when necessary. If you notice it getting low faster than it should, look into the possibility of a leak or talk to your family about their swimming habits.

No More Heater

Getting rid of the electric heater and relying on the sun to heat your pool is another step toward eco-friendliness. Look into solar panels or solar blankets if you are getting a new pool, and if you already have a heater you want to stop using, call the manufacturer and ask about different options. At the very least, you can just stop using the heater and keep using the pool.

Ditch the Chlorine

As technology will do, pool advances have made new systems and cleaners available that can make standard chlorine cleaning unnecessary. Some of these options include ultraviolet pool cleaners, saltwater pools and ozone pool systems.

Not every solution is possible for every type of pool or every situation, but you’ll never hurt anything by asking. Just contact a swimming pool maintenance services to ask about modifications or contact the makers of the pool systems or equipment you’d like to start using.

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