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Five Reasons Your Child Should Take Swim Lessons This Summer

Five Reasons Your Child Should Take Swim Lessons This Summer

Swimming is a very popular exercise all across the world. According to experts, children should learn how to swim in the period between three and five years old. Swimming is an important skill to learn for children as it has physical, social, and psychological benefits. Have a look at five reasons your child should take swim lessons this summer.

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Your Child Can Meet Friends

Taking swim lessons at the local YMCA or community swimming pool ensures your child is immersed in a social atmosphere with children of his or her own age. It provides your child the chance to socialize with other children, learn basic communication skills, and learn teamwork. More importantly, it gives your child the chance to make a friendship that could last a lifetime.

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Your Child Can Learn Water Safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 10 people die every day in the United States from unintentional drowning. Children aged one to four have the highest drowning rate. Overall, drowning is the 5th highest cause of unintentional death in the USA. If your child takes swim lessons and learns how to swim, this means he or she will be safe when in water and could maybe save another person's life one day. You can find inexpensive swimming lessons to keep kids safe this summer at most local pools or city recreation centers.

Your Child Can Get Exercise

Medical experts universally agree that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because it suits everybody. It does not wear one's legs or arms like running and lifting weights do. Swimming helps strengthen the heart, increase lung capacity, and build muscle. If you want your child to have a form of exercise they enjoy, swimming is a great choice. Hence, taking swim lessons is a fun and healthy activity for your child this summer.

Your Child is Less Likely To Be Afraid of Water

Manypeople naturally fear water. Aquaphobia, or fear of water, usually develops during one's childhood. It is estimated that over 19 million Americans have this phobia. By taking swim lessons at a young age, your child can overcome any fears he or she may have about being in the water. By learning how to swim, your child can see that swimming in water is actually fun, and not something that should be feared.

Your Child Can Swim with You

It's always good for children and their parents to have activities they enjoy doing together. Many swim classes are parent-child classes. While it may be corny to say that a family that swims together, stays together, it is true that swimming with your child will bring you two closer. This is true because you are spending time with your child.


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