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Kids Swimming and Fear - Part 1

Understanding Kids Swimming and Fear

A sense of caution when you allow your children to swim is a good thing isn’t it? Learning to swim “is” without question, “the” way to prevent drowning. And the biggest single factor that stops people from learning is fear. Whether you are a student or a swim teacher even the most basic understanding of peoples fear of water and the thought processes that confront them when they approach water is arguably “the” most important thing you can know. There is no doubt the best way to control fear is to understand, it at least a little. To this end over the next two stories Ken Myers give us some excellent incites into his own and his families struggle with the fear of swimming.

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Children always seem to have a good time when they swim but there should always be a sense of caution when you allow your children to swim

I have two children, one of which was terrified of water and another who would jump in and sink to the bottom waiting happily to be retrieved at a very young age. Neither one was particularly fun for me.

My First Child is A Girl

My first child is a girl and is now grown up. I did my best to introduce her to water early on and make it a good experience. However, there is something quite different between a baby pool and a full sized pool with a deep end. She sort of turned out like me even though I tried never to show her fear my fear. Somehow they just pick up on these things.

I was in many a swim class when I was young because my parents did not want me to drown. I was fine as long as my feet were touching the bottom but if I got into water over my head panic would ensue. I would forget everything I had learned and just flail around in the water. And guess what? My daughter had the same fears.

Image of an adult and 2 Kids Swimming in a pool wearing arm floats: Kindergartenkinder mit Schwimmfl├╝geln
Kids Swimming

I put her in two or three years of classes and she wore her floaties as long as she could, when she was embarrassed to wear those she would generally have some type of floating device near her at all times. She wore the tire with leg holes a little too long because at one point she got stuck and we had to pry her out. Even though she knew how to swim there was always that look in her eyes that spoke volumes and every volume was entitled Fear! She was not in her element in the water to say the least. When the day came for her final test in swimming class she did fine in the shallow water but when it came time for her to go off of the diving board she suddenly had to use the bathroom. She did not come back and I had to go get her only to come back and explain to her instructors why she was not going off of the diving board! She passed all the classes up until this one, just like I did when I was a kid.

When I Was In Swim Class

When I was in swim class I too would not go off of the diving board. I tried it once and did a horrible belly flop. Once there is pain involved I am done. I am really quite thankful that I had that experience because I could so relate to my daughter. I was just tickled she knew how to dog paddle and had the presence of mind to swim when she was scared and not flail!

Next time Ken gives us and incite to his sons fearlessness of swimming.

Author Byline: Ken Myers as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups, and is a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance. He is a regular contributor of “www.gonannies.com/”. You can get in touch with him at kmyers.ceo@gmail.com.


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