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Protect Your Kids from Accidental Drownings in the Pool

Help Prevent Accidental Drowning

Accidental drowning claim a number of young lives every single year. If you have a pool, you need to learn how to protect your children from this unfortunate tragedy. Read ahead for some useful ideas to help you prevent an accidental drowning.

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Enclose Your Pool

Enclosing your pool is the first step to keeping your children safe. You should use at least a 4-foot high fence that completely encircles the pool. For added security, install a lock on the gate that young children can't reach. Additionally, consider adding an alarm that will alert you when someone attempts to access the pool area.

Use Supervision

When you and your family are enjoying a summer afternoon at your pool, keep your children under constant supervision. If you have a large group of friends or family visiting, designate more than one adult to keep a close eye on the children. These appointed guardians should not allow themselves to get distracted by other activities.
Swimming Lessons

Image of little girl swimming with arm floats and floatter ring in a pool:Prevent Accidentlal Drownings
Prevent Accidental Drownings

A child that has some swimming experience has a better chance of avoiding an accidental drowning. Take your children to swimming lessons at a young age. You can brush up on the basics every year to make sure your child's swimming skills stay consistent. However, don't make the mistake of believing your children no longer need supervision if they have had lessons. Never let your guard down when your children are swimming.

Enforce Your Rules

If you own a pool, you must come up with a list of rules to protect your family. Some common rules include banning running and horseplay in and around the pool. If a member of your family breaks one of your rules, revoke his pool privileges for a temporary period. When you have guests visiting, inform them of the rules as well.

Take Away the Appeal

Don't leave water toys in and around the pool. These toys will attract attention from your children, potentially putting them in danger. Additionally, keep your pool covered when not in use. These steps will help make your pool a less attractive feature of your yard and help keep your children away from it.

Safety Features

You can add a few safety features to your pool area to help you deal with any mishaps. First, consider installing a phone near the pool. If you forget to bring your cellphone outside, you'll still have a phone you can use in case of an emergency. Finally, keep a life preserver nearby to use when someone in the pool needs help.

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Jennie assists with the designing of pool fences in Perth. She is also a strong advocate of child safety and blogs about the subject passionately.

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