Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting More Out of Swimming Videos

There are is a wide variety of swimming videos available online. It can be one of your best tools in improving your skills. However, screening all the swimming videos available can be time consuming. You might need to filter out which among these videos are helpful to you. It is therefore important to classify first, the different videos available out there. Don’t waste your time watching each and every video. You can get more out of swimming videos if you know what to look for. Here are some of the different videos available for you:

1) Educational or Instructional  A lot of people offer their advice through videos. These are videos that provide instruction. You can easily find a how-to video for every swimming style you want to master. It is important that you screen which of these information are correct. A person who has an advice to offer doesn’t really guarantee it’s a good advice. Wrong information can harm you more than help you. You might want to check the credibility of the person giving the advice. It helps to get to know more about the person. In general, professionals are better sources of correct information. Also, you can validate the information with your coach or other professionals.

2) Motivational  These are swimming videos that inspire you to become a better swimmer. You can easily look up old footages of your favorite swimmers. A careful look into their form can easily help you identify proper techniques. You can use these types of videos to fuel your passion and increase your determination. Videos about the life of a famous athlete would show you how successful swimmers overcame certain obstacles. It provides a holistic view of the person. It doesn’t only show the picture moment where they grab their medals, but most would tell you how they were able to do it. It’s like giving you a road map success that worked for them. It is a sure hit strategy in fueling up your dream.

3) Correction  This is the type of video that carefully emphasize mistakes that is often made by a swimmer. These are mistakes most people unconsciously make. In order to correct a behavior, you must first need to become aware of it. You can be a better swimmer by avoiding these common mistakes. More importantly, these types of videos provide a solution to how you can correct your bad swimming habits.

4) Personal  Videos Luckily, with the advancement of technology, it is not difficult to capture your own personal performance. If you can find a video of an event you participated before, then you can actually study what happened on that event. As you are watching yourself compete, remember the exact moment you were on that pool. Imagine the thoughts that you were having. If you can remember any specific tension you felt during the game, then identify when it happened and how did it affect your performance. Your personal swimming videos can help you dissect your performance. You can easily identify what went wrong and what went well for you.


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