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Chlorine Removal Shampoo, Why Do You Need it?

Chlorine Removal Shampoo

Chlorination is an essential part of swimming pool maintenance and is extensively used in most pools to rid the pool of harmful elements that might spoil your health. The chlorine in the pool has eventually become a boon as well as bane for swimmers. While on one hand it effectively cleans out harmful elements from the pool, on the other it can also badly damage your hair and skin. Thus we need to talk about Chlorine Removal Shampoo.

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Chlorine creates sebum that directly affects your hair quality making it dry, brittle and eventually turns your hair dull and unmanageable which has become a spot of bother for avid swimmers. We also get to see cases of green-tinted hair that is caused by regular exposure to chlorinated water.

If the thought of hair damage due to chlorine gives you the jitters and makes you avoid or at least cut down your swimming sessions, then, fortunately, there are ways and means available that will help you minimize or avoid chlorine damage.

Traditional Methods Of Preventing Chlorine Damage

Traditional methods of preventing chlorine damage include soaking your hair with tap water before you enter the pool as well as washing your hair with fresh water every time you finish a swimming session.

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While these methods do help in reducing the extent of damage, the better option would be to use a good chlorine removal shampoo that not only gets rid of the chlorine but also in effect makes your hair look healthier, shinier and full of life.

Typically most chlorine removal shampoos contain a compound sodium thiosulfate that combines chlorine with hypochlorous acid found in chlorinated pools and aids in reversing the damage by clearing off chlorine compounds from your hair. Most shampoos also contain citric acid that helps prevent soap scum formation in hard water pools.

Chlorine Removal Shampoos Work

Chlorine removal shampoos work as a cleansing agent and effectively removes chlorine deposits and gets rid of greenish discolouration. These shampoos also provide the dual benefit of minimizing or alleviating itchy skin caused by exposure to chlorinated water as well as moisturizes hair that turns dry after your swimming sessions. Some shampoos also help you prevent sun damage in addition to its chlorine cleansing effects, while there are some that clears up salt deposits and styling products such as hair gels.

From an availability point of view, chlorine removal shampoos are easy to procure and are readily available either online or at your friendly neighbourhood store. From the usage point of view, directions for use are simple to follow and there are a variety of brands available off the shelf that you could choose from based on your requirement.

The Right Kind Of Chlorine Removal Shampoo For Your Hair

Again when it comes to the right kind of chlorine removal shampoo for your hair, most brands available in the market today will do what they are supposed to do and it ultimately boils down to your personal choice based on factors such as price, aroma, feedback from other users, etc.

So quit worrying and go forth and enjoy your swimming sessions without having to worry about chlorinated pools and the resultant damage to your hair as you have chlorine removal shampoo to the rescue.


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