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Benefits of UV Protective Swimwear

Liv is a guest blogger from the UK, who I thought had a unique perspective on baby swimwear and Kids Wetsuites 

UV Protective Swimwear Hard To Find

It is no secret that babies have delicate, sun-sensitive skin. As such, it is part of any parent's responsibility to make sure that their child can play and swim safely in the sun, free from harm and discomfort. However, because babies are so sensitive, as summer approaches in the U.K it can be difficult to find swimwear that will protect your infant's skin without causing irritation.

Why is baby skin so sensitive?

Image of baby sucking finger and wearing a UV Protective Swimwear hat
Sun protection for baby
An infant's skin, being underdeveloped, has not built up a tolerance to the gases, chemicals, and pollutants that adults are used to dealing with. The sun's harmful ultraviolet rays which if overexposed could cause cancer are included in this list. When a baby is exposed to too many of these factors at the same time, as in the case when they go swimming in the hot sun, they start feeling discomfort and could develop rashes, eczema, and even baby acne. That provided, it is imperative that your child is protected from excessive amounts of chlorine, salt and UV exposure.

Swimwear Solutions

With so many factors affecting your child's skin, it can seem very difficult to do anything regarding keeping them safe. However, there is plenty of swimwear even here in the U.K that is both stylish and comfortable while providing protection.

Image of a toddler walking in the water wearing a striped floating swimsuite
Floating Swimsuit
  • Full Body UV Swimsuits are effective because they cover the entire body, including wrists and ankles, greatly reducing the amount of skin that is exposed to the sun. A baby wetsuit typically includes a front zipper, a lower zipper for diaper changes, and sun-resistant fabric. 
  • Baby Swim Trunks cover a baby from the waist down to the knees. Swim trunks are not as effective as the full body swimsuits, but they allow for more range of motion and can be more comfortable. Swim trunks are generally made out of polyester with an adjustable waist.
  • Swim Diapers are made out of water-repelling material on the outside and ultra-absorbent material on the inside, preventing accidents while not swelling in the water. Swim diapers are made out of nylon and have gusseted leg holes to prevent itching. They are specifically designed to protect the infant without restricting movement and sacrificing comfort.
  • Baby Rash Guarders, typically used along with swim trunks or swim diapers, protect the skin from becoming irritated during contact with chlorine or swim toys. They are designed to enable more mobility than a full body swimsuit. Rash guarders are made of nylon and spandex, enabling them to flex easily and dry out quickly.
  • Bucket Hats are not designed for submersion in water. Instead they are designed to protect your baby's head and face at the beach, pool, or any sunny area. This keeps your child cool and protects the eyes. Bucket hats are most commonly made out of polyester for durability and ease in cleaning.
  • Water Shoes are meant to protect small feet from hot surfaces, while still allowing children to wade in the water. Protection from the heat means less crying and more fun! There are various kinds and styles of water shoes, giving you plenty of choices. Many feature padding to prevent blisters and are comfortable both in and out of water.

  • Image of baby swimers in a union jack flag style
    UK Baby Bathers
  • UV Swim Goggles double as sunglasses, protecting little eyes from both salt and chlorine in water and the harsh rays of the sun to prevent discomfort. Young children also enjoy the ability to sneak a peek under the water.

Your Baby Will Be Exploring

In summary, your baby will be exploring and making new discoveries in the water soon, and it is a real duty to make sure that the experience is both exciting and safe. It can be done without sacrificing comfort and style due to the wide range of comfortable baby swimwear available that do not impede movement while affording protection and security — perfect for those little rompers who won't stay still. The new peace of mind they provide will make it easier for your whole family to enjoy themselves in the pool and at the beach.


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